Edge Guards / Counter Protector

Edge Guards Counter

Kord’s Edge Guard with ribbed design will absorb impact and reduce shock on your product during shipping. Counter protectors are an easy method for protecting the countertop from your factory to the customers home.


10" Edge Guard (EG10 GL)
Qty per box: 192
Boxes per skid: 16


30" Edge Guard (EG30R3)
Qty per box: 100
Boxes per skid: 12


30" Edge Guard Light Weight (EG30R3 GL)
Qty per box: 1020
Boxes per skid: Bulk Skid


30" U-CHANEL (EG3028)
Qty per box: 264
Boxes per skid: Bulk Skid


Countertop Frontsplash (CTF15FC)
Qty per box: Bulk Skid
Boxes per skid: 2800


Countertop Backsplash (CTB475FC)
Qty per box: Bulk Skid
Boxes per skid: 2156

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