Make protecting your product easy. Corners are designed in standard and truncated style.



Save yourself time and money. Set edge guard or counter protector in place and the product is ready to be wrapped and shipped.


Custom Manufacturing

Kord specializes in working with our customers to create packaging solutions that are designed for your products.

About the Burlington Plant

Since 1968, Kord has been the vendor of choice for manufacturers in industrial, automotive, electronic, furniture, countertop and window industries. Through creative product and mold design, we contribute to the success and prosperity of you, our customer. Our packaging solutions are custom engineered and provide total product protection to even the most delicate contents. Using traditional technologies allows Kord to construct economical molds and produce small run quantities.


The Kord Difference

No Assembly Required

Kord Molded Pulp is the size and shape you need and eliminates the cost of folding corrugated pads. A consistent superior product made from high quality recycled material.

Unique Design

Our unique ribbed design dampens vibration and absorbs impact. Molded Pulp is a cleaner and static free alternative to expanded polystyrene foam


Our Molded pulp product is made from 100% recycled materials and is recyclable in municipal collection programs.

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