Mushroom Product Jumbo

Jumbo Tills



  • Jumbo sizes for grower IDs and info - reduces label buckling
  • Same footprint as our regular sized mushroom tills
  • Internal ribing protects and extends mushroom life
  • Tills remain sanitary until ready to use.
  • Engineered to exceed industry standards for durability.
  • Designed to accept a lid.
  • Material meet FDA and Health Regulations Canada requirements.

Kord’s Jumbo Mushroom Tills are designed for jumbo mushrooms and have the same footprint as our Standard Tills. The internal ribbing protects and extends the life of the mushroom. Material meets FDA and Health Regulations Requirements. Tills are available in Blue and Black.


8oz Jumbo Mushroom Till
5.6” L x 4.76” W


16oz Jumbo Mushroom Till
7.53” L x 5.62” W


24oz Jumbo Mushroom Till
8.31” L x 6.62” W

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