Mini Pallets

pallets image

Mini Pallets simplify safe moving of cartons, drums and equipment with a hand cart. Very simply, carton are stored on a Mini Pallet and when they need to be moved, a hand cart is easily slipping under the cartons and safely manoeuvred



  • The Mini Pallet is rated for 330lbs
  • Made from tough polypropylene
  • Size is 15.75” x 10.24”
  • The product is good for 10 years with normal use

Work smart.

Mini Pallets reduce double handling and eliminate the need to tilt stacked goods to allow access for a hand truck

Reduce injury.

ini Pallets reduce exposure to back strain and injury that currently costs billions of dollars a year

Save money.

Mini Pallets are a simple low cost idea that can save industry huge losses in handling time, stock damage and workplace injury

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